What is Tantra?
Tantra is a lifestyle — just like yoga is. It blends and explores the depths of love, sexuality, and spirituality.
One of the ultimate experiences of Tantra is to bring together two opposites — the feminine and the masculine — and through this union to experience The Divine.

With the increasing number of abuse accusations in the tantra community, we don’t take this lightly and will only recommend the safest possible options. That’s why we love Ma Ananda Sarita’s Master Lover course that you can take in a secure environment of your home.

The Course
Ma Ananda Sarita is one of the most powerful Tantra teachers, and this online course is based on her Master Lover offline workshop that she has been teaching for years. Its tried-and-tested methods have already transformed thousands of love lives, of both singles and couples.
Now, her profound wisdom is available to anyone, from any corner of the world — at their own schedule and from the privacy of their bedroom.

What you will learn in this course
Female & Male Anatomy
First things first. Before we move anywhere, you have to get to know your own body, your capacity for pleasure — and your partner’s, too. As a part of introduction, Ma Ananda Sarita and Dr. Dharmaraj will explain to you the female and male sexual anatomy.
Chakras & Pleasure

Discover chakras — the human energy system — and how the Universe reflects itself in it. Sarita will guide you through the seven chakras, will show you how they vibrate differently in men and women and how they influence each other.
Self Pleasure Techniques
Self-pleasure is an important practice for every man and woman because it forms a blueprint in our sexual being and programs our sexual behavior. Many of us have developed patterns (through pornography, mindless masturbation, or repression of natural sexual impulses) that hurt us and our lovers.
Tantric Rituals
When we go into ritual space, our intuitive part of the brain awakens. It’s the rituals that transform the sexual union into a divine experience. They nurture you and your deepest longings. They can be very simple, like drinking a cup of tea or taking a bath together, in a conscious way. They also can be more sassy, like the art of striptease or sensual dancing.

Spiral To Heaven Technique
That’s where all the previous elements — rituals, meditations, chakra dance, and so on — finally come together. Here you’ll not only learn how to fully give and fully receive but also how to move from simply having sex to experiencing a divine union.
The Art Of Fulfillment

You’ll discover the difference between various orgasms and how to extend your lovemaking for hours. Finally, you’ll learn to surrender and merge two bodies into one soul. In this module, Sarita will guide you, through Peaks and Valleys meditation, to a complete Tantra transformation.